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Just For Today Daily Meditation

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014
A God of our own understanding
"Many of us understand God to be simply whatever force keeps us clean."
Basic Text, p. 25

Some of us enter recovery with a working understanding of a Higher Power For a lot of us, however, "God" is a troublesome word. We may doubt the existence of


sort of Power greater than ourselves. Or we may remember uncomfortable experiences with religion and shy away from "the God stuff."

Starting over in recovery means we can start over in our spiritual life, too. If we're not comfortable with what we learned when we were growing up, we can try a different approach to our spirituality. We don't have to understand everything all at once or find the answers to all our questions right away. Sometimes it's enough just to know that other NA members believe and that their belief helps keep them clean.

Just for Today: All I have to know right now about my Higher Power is that it is the Power that helps keep me clean.

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